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uSwitch Mobiles widgets

Mobiles Widgets are small components that can be added to a webpage to aid in the monetisation of mobile content.

They provide mobile phone deal comparison functionality, enabling traffic to be directed to a number of the UK’s major mobile networks and retailers. Revenue generation with mobiles Widgets operated on a CPA + revenue share basis.

We provide a number of widgets that can display deals for any particular smartphone specified, either in isolation with an MPU-sized unit or a full footer comparison table.

Interested in becoming a partner? please contact:

How does it work?

Fill the form and we will set some variables for you.
You can reload the widget to see how your brand and model choices reflect on the widget bellow.

Method 1 ( recommended - add a script tag to your page )

  1. Load the script

    Add this code in the < head > of your HTML, this will tell us who you are.

        var tag = document.createElement('script'),
        partner = "development";
        tag.type = 'text/javascript';
        tag.async = true;
        tag.src = '//' + partner + '/widgets.js';
  2. Add the HTML

    Add an empty div with an id anywhere you want the widget to live. This id will be used to load the widget. You can add as many widgets as you want to a page, as long as they have different id's.

    <div id='mobiles_widget_container'></div>
  3. Call the widget

    This will tell a particular widget type to load on a particular html container (with that id ). Any amount of widgets can be loaded, as long as there is a correspondent id on the page, and widgets.load(..,..,{...}) gets called.

      window.mobilesWidgetLoad = function(widgets) {
        widgets.load('mobiles_widget_container', 'table', {brand: 'Samsung', model: 'Galaxy S7', deals_limit: '5'});

Method 2 ( not recommended - Loads the widget through an iframe )

  1. Load the script

    Add an iFrame to your html:

    <iframe style="border: none;" src="// S7/" > </iframe>
  2. Our widgets are responsive, and they will adapt to the iframe size, as long as you make the iFrame adjust it's size, our widget will respond